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Dogs Can Do - Kind Effective Dog Training - Make It Fun! 


You've found us so you must want to learn how to train your dog or puppy!  Welcome to Dogs Can Do, we want to make training an enjoyable experience for you and your dog.  

We have been training people to train their dogs for a long time but we keep up to date with all the modern science based methods and we never use any aversives.  All our training is based on kindness, patience and an understanding of how a dog's mind works - they don't think like us humans!

Once you realise how your dog thinks and communicates his or her feelings your training will become so much easier.

We do courses or, if you don't want to be in a class with others, we offer one to ones at your home.

We have an on line Level 1 course -

We are a Kennel Club listed club, we are both qualified members of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers and we hold qualifications in clicker training.


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