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Dogs Can Do - Kind Effective Dog Training - Make It Fun! 

Dogs Can Do run classes for all ages of dog and their handlers, from pups to oldies.  We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to put the fun into teaching their dog new skills.  Contact us on 07399 359599 (Sue) or 07973 285132 (Lorraine) or email   Check out Courses - Next Dates page for up to date course start dates.

Owning a dog should be rewarding for both parties, not hard work.  Please don't be embarrassed if you think your dog has problems, we are here to help you sort them out!  Remember, dogs can live a long time and you want that time to be enjoyable for both of you.

Our classes are based in Bacup in Lancashire on Monday and Thursday evenings.  Courses cost 45 and last for 7 weeks.  We also carry out one to ones in your own home if you so require. 

We want to see happy dogs and happy owners!  We use only kind, positive training methods.  The only behaviour we haven't managed to cure is the dogs dragging their owners into class every week!  We think this means they like it, they vote with their paws.

We teach basic behaviours and how to progress them so you have a well behaved dog that wants to please you plus we teach Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, UK Rally, heelwork to music - lots of stuff!

Come watch a class to see if you like it!  We are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Kennel Club listed and experienced clicker trainers (CAP). 

If you have a new pup check out

  We also offer dog walking (training walks if required), help in finding the right dog for you, cat feeding, cat behaviour one to ones, horse breaking and schooling ( and small animal boarding ( and probably help with any other animal problem you care to think of!!